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Alberto Portugheis
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Concert pianist and Peace campaigner, born in Argentina, resident in London. Founder Member and Vice Chair of Beethoven Piano Society of Europe;
Vice Chair of International Society for Study of Tension in Performance; vice Chair of the European Piano Teacher's Association; Chair of the Iberian and Latin American Music Society; Founder of the Asociacion Latino-Americana de pianistas pedagogos.

As a Peace Campaingner, works towards World Peace, expounding his vision of a world free of weapons and conflict. Speaks at Peace Conferences, often as Key speake. Nominated for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize.

Book, 'Dear Ahed... The Game of War and a Path to Peace' is available on -line and in hard back. www.Lulu.com Also CHECK MY PAGES AT http://www. Squidoo.com
and www.ISSTIP.org