Alberto Portugheis (portugheis) wrote,
Alberto Portugheis

Drones used to try to smuggle contraband into jail

Military aircraft has ALWAYS been used to transport drugs. In fact this is what made Bill Clinton's political career. When he was Governor of Arkansas, he allowed the Mena military air-strip to be used by US Air Force carriers flying in from USA military bases in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, loaded with drug. The best and safest way of getting the drug into CIA hands for distribution all over the United States and exports to Europe. Many military arsenals in the 4 mentioned countries - as in many others - are paid for with drugs. (some of you may remember the late USA President Ronald Reagan's involvement in such practices, in Nicaragua and other Central American states)

Every now and then, the authorities arrest a private smuggler, because he is "competition" and because it looks good, as a Public Relations exercise, that the gullible population sees Government officials "fighting" drug abuse. What a comedy!

When Clinton was Governor and dreamed of becoming the next US President, he knew what to do. In fact, his accomplices in the White House (officially political opponents), Reagan and Bush senior, thanked Clinton wholeheartedly, by ensuring he fulfils his dream of becoming USA President.

The drug produced in Afghanistan (95% of the opium consumed in the world) is also transported in military carriers. Lorries, helicopters, airplanes, etc.We must not forget that USA position with regards to drugs, is that soldiers are better fighters under their influence (theoretically, because they lose their fears and their brain is "sharpened") so, they'll do everything they can to have them drugged. At the same time, they make a very good return on their investment.

In the UK, it is the same parody. Every so often, Customs Police will find a confiscate some drugs being smuggled by private individuals. All newspapers will applaud Government for their preoccupation with people's health. However, we regularly read in the news how drug consumption steadily increases. Basically, the drug confiscated from rival, private transporters, reaches the population through well disguised official channels.

If drones and other military aircraft were "only" used for the transport and delivery of much needed medicines, cigarettes, pizza and books, that would be wonderful !!!!!
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