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Pakistan's New Generation of Terrorists

Only the introduction shows a lot of prejudice and, above all, a determination to ignore the power of money, the BUSINESS of Politics.

"Pakistani authorities have long had ties to domestic militant groups that help advance the country's core foreign policy interests, namely in connection with Afghanistan and India. Since Islamabad joined Washington as an ally in the post-9/11 "war on terror," analysts have accused Pakistan's security and intelligence services of playing a "double game," tolerating if not outright aiding militant groups killing NATO troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies these charges."

a) it is not only Pakistani authorities. Governments in ALL countries have ties with militant groups.
b) "advancing foreign policy interests" is NOT their aim. They are only
concerned with their personal fortunes, with avoiding their political careers
being cut short, with international prestige.
c) Islamabad NEVER joined Washington as an ally. This is only for the gallery;
the business ($$$$$$) discussed between USA and Pakistan's negotiators
was conducted in strict privacy.
d) there is no "war on terror". This is also for the gallery, with the usual
complicity from the corporate Media. The real war is the "war on Peace".
Politicians make every possible effort to prevent populations from living in
f) Pakistan's security and intelligence services play the same "double game"
ALL secret services play, worldwide.
g) ALL Governments of the world deny charges of corruption and double