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October 5th, 2013

I am frankly shocked at the inhumanity of humans. Everybody speaks of whether marrying a 13 year old adopted daughter is legal or illegal; if it is islamic or un-islamic, if the adoptive father is possibly a paedophile, etc.

NOBODY mentions the girl. Does "SHE" want to take her stepfather for a husband? what about if she doesn't like him (for marital purposes), or wants to study and not think about marriage. Where are her Human Rights?

Spineless Bastards

My account has been hacked for ages. I often have the service interrupted in the middle of an article I'm writing. Sometimes this happens just when I'm ready to send a message, as Government Internet spies seem to be reading as I write.

But I don't call them bastards. To begin with, I like the fact they show an interest in what I write, but above all, I know those who actually do it, are merely doing a job. They just follow instructions, for which they are paide. Exactly as it happens with soldiers. They kill people on orders they receive. I pity them all.