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September 9th, 2013

US plans for '3 days of attack' on Syria

3 days is the beginning of this tragic farce. USA hopes for US casualties, so as to have a justifiable excuse to keep helping bomb manufacturers make money.

Read this, from someone who lives near one of USA's chemical weapon factories.

No Saddam's Iraq was NOT EVER a nuclear power. It is well documented that chemical and bioweapons were stored in Bunker 75 - a fact of which CIA was well aware prior to the first Gulf War, when it blew them up by way of USAF, with US ground troops downwind.

Colin Powell was in charge of the first Gulf War, in which the high-level decision was made to NOT inform US troops that the munitions they were handling - often with bare hands, and otherwise against their bodies - were nukes - U238. These highly pyrophoric (fire-producing) weapons could easily pierce tanks - and US troops were very surprised time and again at the charred bodies they found within upon inspection. These weapons were made exclusively in Concord, MA, where I was living at the time. Their manufacture produced the release of 205,000 alpha particles per second from out of Nuclear Metals, Inc. (now renamed Starmet), located just over the border of Concord, MA, from which the plume easily traveled the full 2 miles east to Boston.

These munitions were named "depleted uranium" (DU) as a public-relations attempt to minimize the fact that they are NUKES. Because of their long half-life of 4.5 billion years, the name was able to stick amongst scientists; but this says nothing about the BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS of the radiation therefrom, which are most significant both in iraqis and US troops. The fact remains that, because of the US nukes used at the direction of Israel-SA in the First Gulf War, Iraq and surrounding areas are radioactive in perpetuity, for the remainder of the life of the Planet. The remaining lifetime of the Sun, until it runs out of fuel, is estimated at 18 billion years. This means that at least planets out through Mars have the same estimated remaining lifespan. With a half-life of 4.5 billion for the radiation in Iraq+, which will only continue to disperse throughout the globe, those First - and then Second - Gulf War DU weapons will still be present in significant amounts when the Sun explodes and consumes the nearby planets including Earth. This represents the US-IL-SA-NATO PERMANENT NUKING of the middle east+.

And yes, this is all because, although Saddam Hussein (who is very much alive and well and protected, btw, with his family/entourage), is a 33rd-degree Freemason and close friends with Rumsfeld and other highly-placed, depopulationist 33rd-degree Freemasons, he did plan, for Iraq's wellbeing, to sell oil for Euros.

Some of you may remember American soldiers claiming compensation for damage to their bodies and general health produced by the weapons they were forced to handle.

Also some of you may remember, when, after Saddam Hussein's "execution", I said. "The executed man, - nobody saw the execution and nobody saw the burial - is NOT Saddam."