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September 6th, 2013

kill Syrians because they kill Syrians?

Stupid and dangerous humour.

Syrians kill Syrians ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY because USA, UK, France, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, China, Sweden, etc NEED to sell military toys to good and naive people who are brainwashed into killing each other.
The writer doesn't seem to know and doesn't even try to understand the Game of Politics. Putin has said what he is paid to say. His mission - in order to maintain the fear in the minds and hearts of populations worldwide, is to create tension between USA and Russia. This is all he's doing, playing his role.

When the whole world was celebrating the end of the Cold War, I wrote (and wrote it again dozens of times) "the Cold War has NOT ended". It cannot be allow to end because the stupid humas are happy with politicians and Bankers enriching themselves through the purchase and sale of military toys.
The usual Vatican hypocrisy. Pope Francis urges world leaders to "lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution" in Syria.

However, the Pope's words are misinterpreted, but this exactly what their aim is. To confuse populations. USA and France don't speak of a "military solution". They speak - even if they do so in private - of a solution to their economic crisis. This, they agree, could come about through well planned military campaigns. As simple as that.

If the invader was Napoleon and the country, after the invasion, was made Roman Catholic, the Pope would think that a military invasion of Syria is the "perfect solution".
Excellent poem below, but WHY "over American arrogance"? the title should be "Cry of the UN Security Council" or better still "Confessions of the UN Security Council". It is at the UN Security Council that most wars - between countries and civil wars - are concocted. Countries that "collaborate" with the "permanent" Council, by helping to make wars possible, are invited for a couple of years to join the warmongering family.

I am a fiction, I am a fraud,
I am a captive, I am a slave;
Break my shackles, set me free,
Come to my rescue, if you are brave.

I am governed by the rein of force,
I was born to deceive you all;
The burning pain inside my soul,
Now advises me to give you a call.

The aims for which I am being used ,
Make me anguished and full of pangs;
Blind to the strong, I torment the weak,
I fail to know where my moral hangs.

Explode my myth, Oh the poor of the world!,
No more fall in the trap of my sinister game;
Today I admit my guilt and bare my heart,
Throw me in the ocean , forget my name .
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.
Lucknow, India

Iran Plots Revenge, U.S. Says

So..........The U.S. has intercepted an order from Iran to militants in Iraq to attack the U.S. Embassy and other American interests in Baghdad in the event of a strike on Syria, officials said, amid an expanding array of reprisal threats across the region. This means CIA are not doing their job properly. If they were, they would KNOW, without the need of Washington to "intercept" anybody or anything. Anyway, how come Washington can "intercept An Order from Iraq" and never intercepted thousands of Weakileaks covert activities?

And as usual, the Press has to add fuel to the fire, by changing militants in Iraq attacking the U.S. Embassy to "Iran Plots Revenge".

As I always say to you, "Corporate Media is a partner in the War Industry".
What warmonger, war lover and businessman Kerry doesn't say is the Arab Nations he has in mind are the ones that buy American lethal toys.
Was Prof. Michael Chossudovsky born yesterday? doesn't he know Al-Qaeda was created by the USA? that Osama bin Laden was a pal - and partner - of the Bush clan? that he was on the CIA payroll? doesn't MR Chossudovsky know that USA cannot defend herself if it doesn't "create enemies" first? does Mr Chossudovsky ever ask himself why military scientists are working on a new generation of weapons, missiles and war vehicles? this is only because, due to the stupidity of the masses, ruling politicians are able to become rich through the promotion of wars.
Of course Syed W. Hussain is right when he says " This time it will be a world war III.". This is what I've been writing and saying for decades. The military lobby - with Media and spying agencies assistance - is continuously pushing, encouraging politicians and religious corporations into all degrees of un-friendly relations and strong enmity, so that wars - their ONLY means of survival - can easily happen.
This article and photograph were in the front page of yesterday's New York Times, part of the American strategy to confuse the world and for the USA or/and NATO to take control of Syria, under the excuse that both Government and rebels are brutal criminals.
Why "startling"???? what do the US have nearly 800 military bases spread across the world, if not for military campaigns? they cost so much money to keep, these bases, they must be exploited, to get some of the money back and to help American expansion. This is all, thanks to the stupidity (sorry for repeating the same word ad infinitum) of the world, who passively accepts - and even welcomes - these bases.