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August 4th, 2013

Instead of allowing Myra Adams to "advertise" Hillary Clinton and depress us all, thinking of all the wars in the world to come, courtesy of the professional liar and warmonger Hillary Clinton, why don't mEDIA OUTLETS arrange for sensitive and humanistic journalists to write to educate the masses and MAKE SURE neither Hillary Clinton nor any other dangerous characters - from whatever party - reach the White House.

Instead of "opening" the eyes of the reader, Myra Adams makes sure they close them and go to sleep.

Robert Fisk speaks of ".... the American institution that tortures and murders its enemies."
and "...the torture of the innocents in the jails of our friendly dictators."
Why does Mr Fisk "limit" the sadistic and murderous American system? American citizens, very American, are also tortured and murdered by their compatriots. And innocent people are tortured in American jails, as well as in many other jails without any dictators, friendly or not.

Militarism is militarism. It goes hand in hand torture and murder.