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July 29th, 2013

Morsi now detained on murder suspicion

All part of the comedy of Politics. Why don't we arrest members of CIA, MI6, Mossad, Russian, Chinese politicians and diplomats, (and many others) all with links with Palestinians, their murders, prison breaks, national strikes, mass demonstrations, arming guerrilla and terrorist groups, etc, etc. Now it is Morsi's turn to be the bad boy. Not that I like him or dislike him, I'm only describing "Politics".
All honours in the world will not bring the soldier back to his family and friends. He died in the "line of duty to the men who make a living out of of soldiers' deaths". Sad.

US ducks decision on Egypt ‘coup’

Quite sincere this Ms Jen Psaki !!! she admits USA decisions must be in the "... national interest...." never mind if it destroys (emotionally and materially) other countries.

She says ".....millions of dollars in US military and economic assistance would continue to flow"
but she carefully avoids to say that is is NOT a present USA is making. "Military assistance" means "we'll sell you a lot of weapons at a reasonable price, provided you don't buy from our rivals". The other meaning is: "and if you use them and buy more, we'll give you nice presents".

The other "sincere" and revealing comment by Ms Psaki is ".. Egypt, .... a key regional ally."
Of course an ally !!!!! they obey USA to the last detail and help produce lots of cash for the USA Administration.