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July 14th, 2013

The grand dilemma in Syria and Egypt

With all respect for Uri Avnery, this sentence "At long last, the long-suffering people stood up", makes me stop reading. The long-suffering people are still suffering and now more than before, with so many thousands mourning their loved and now dead family members and friends.

How come, if Assad is such a bad guy, only 4 years ago he was guest of honour of then President Sarkosy at the biggest national French Day, the 14th July?

The Syrian mess, as the recent the Egyptian one, are all the work of Secret Services, political opponents, the military, the corporate Media, all working
with or without knowing, for the benefit of the Arms Trade. Military traders are the ONLY beneficiaries here.

Avnery writes "What will happen, if the government forces lose the battle and the rebels win?" This is what military Games are, just like soccer or tennis, a question of who wins and who loses.