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July 5th, 2013


You say: The "conservative" majority lives in villages or in city slums, poor and powerless, struggling to make ends meet. They have neither the strength nor the prowess to demonstrate. How wrong !!!!! It is precisely these people who are paid (indirectly) CIA money to come to Cairo and demonstrate. The same was done to depose Mubarak, or, many years ago, the Sha of Persia.

Furthermore, those who demonstrated were not the "opposition". Thousands who voted for Morsi were in the streets. those in Cairo were the lucky ones who got a free short holiday in Egypt's capital.

The "main" unhappy group in Egypt were the military, who've been planning, with foreign assistance, the Coup, so they can have "yet again" control of the Treasury purse. However, they could not stage a Coup without first preparing the "theatre", that is the mass demonstrations.