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July 2nd, 2013

Should Pakistan pay its debt?

Why ask the question "What happened to this money?" The article should go to the core of the situation, giving the details it gives where some of the 20 billion dollars went to, but above all, explaining to the many good but ignorant readers "WHY it is so".

Just to say politicians have bought new cars or jets for themselves, went on luxury holidays, are corrupted, etc, etc, is not enough, is not really necessary and it doesn't help improve things.

The same as "war promoters" United Nations present themselves as an organization that promotes Peace, Transparency International exists for the same reason; to make sure corruption is not seen by the masses.

The writer of the article is obviously not a politician, otherwise we would be reading a complaint about "....fleets of bullet proof luxury vehicles of politicians and bureaucrats."
It doesn't take long to understand that, once politicians have purchased millions of bullets and arranged for them to be in the hands of people with guns, the next step is bullet proof cars.

Furthermore, instead of criticizing politicians, who most of them were as children part of the same masses that now criticize them, we should really criticize the masses for innocently and ignorantly producing so much political corruption.

It is the masses who believe the country should have fabulous, modern, large Armed Forces. It is the masses who believe the country should be ready for war with the enemy.
It is the masses who ask politicians to defend them in case of attack.
Etc, etc.

Now put yourselves in the situation of the politician. You have 30 countries manufacturing bullets, guns, machine-guns, tanks, bombs, landmines, military helicopters and airplanes, warships, etc, etc., all competing between themselves to sell you their Death Toys. Just reducing their price is not enough, not even necessary, because as politicians you couldn't care less about the cost of things, as it is never your own money you spend. So, how do you choose who you'll be buying from??? simple: the country, (manufacturer, agent, diplomat, etc, etc) which offers you the best "commission" (bribe).

As a politician you'll be justifying yourself "I had to buy those tanks (guns, bombs, grenades, mortars, teargas, etc, etc) for the security of my people".

Whilst the masses don't change, nothing will change and countries will continue to increase their foreign debt or simply their debts to Banks. If you study the "debt" of all countries in the world, you'll see they have ALL increased it. From the poorest to the richest countries they have all increased their debts, due to human stupidity, who still let themselves be lead by patriotism or religious bigotry so that Governments can organize wars.