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June 24th, 2013


It is not just Islam !!!! it is all Religions. Remember that originally there were no politicians. Religious organisations run the countries, in partnership with kings and other self-proclaimed rulers. Every new religion, like every political party, divided populations. Every self-appointed leader of a new Religion divides people, because he wants everybody to follow him, but this doesn't happen, even when converting people by force.

The "lagging behind" has nothing to do with divisions. It comes exactly from people trying to do what you suggest. You say "...the Holy Quran is a Book of Guidance from Allah and all its Muhikmaths/directives (3:7) have to be followed in letter and spirit"

That the point, there are as many ways of interpreting the Holy Quran, as people who study it. Nobody can be 100% about the "spirit and letter" of the Quran. That is unless you are a true dictator, a cruel tyrant who want all your victims to obey you blindly, without having the write to think.

Chemistry of dialogue

The stupidity of advocating dialogue whilst arming people, is the same as giving two football teams a football and then tell them to "dialogue", to decide "by dialogue" which team wins, or whether they call it a draw, how many goals each team makes, etc, etc".

Stupid, stupid, stupid !!!!
"US-Taliban peace talks stalled," means, in political language "US-Taliban peace talks succeeded". "Hope fading", in political language means "people, brace yourselves for a new round of violence". Business as usual.