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June 20th, 2013

The Economics of Nuclear Arms Reductions

The usual politician's lie, especially from Presidents and Prime Ministers, who are merely the spokespersons to their paymasters, who include, especially in the case of USA, the owners of the nuclear industry. So many Presidents have said they want to reduce nuclear stockpiles - to keep gullible voters happy - but have continually increased stockpiles. Not only increased stockpiles and expenditure, but also the number of countries developing nuclear arms.
Exactly as I always said: Politics is PURE comedy, utter pretence. I always said how, despite the permanent USA open criticism of Ahmadinejad and Iranian politics, he was only used to increase tensions in the Middle East, to increase Arms Deals with neighbouring countries and Israel, to increase USA's nuclear research programme and to increase work and money for UN officials. In reality, Ahmadinejad's best allies are in the White House.
The appointment is a gesture to thank him for all the business he brought USA weapon firms.