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May 25th, 2013

I love reading Noam Chomsky and his attacks on terror, terrorism and terrorists. I only wonder: why doesn't this clever and cultured man write about the role played by the American University where he spent so many years, MIT, in this gigantic mess and human tragedy?

To me, prevention is always better - far more desirable - than cure. The great - and much admired by me - Noam Chomsky, I think would change the world if he made public the contracts the USA Government (including, FBI, CIA and the Armed Forces) have with MIT, as with many other Universities.

From simple bullets to sophisticated drones (via a variety of missiles, bombs, mortars, landmines, torture and spying instruments, materials for soldier uniforms, Apache helicopters, air-fighters, gunships, nuclear submarines, etc, etc) we have them at our disposal and can do all this harm to one another, thanks to MIT and other Universities' Science Departments.

In these Universities, scientists working to improve or prolong life, trying to find cures to all kind of diseases and plagues, are always short of cash. However, scientists working on ways, devices to shorten human life, as well as destroy buildings, towns, etc., receive masses of cash for their research.

We often see fund-raising events to help cancer research, Aids research, etc, but we will never see a campaign to raise funds for creating more powerful bombs or faster drones. A scientist who commits himself to the creation of terror, destruction of human life and misery for many, has all the cash he needs.

Ironically, it is all "our" fault, because much of the funds I refer to, Governments have it thanks to people paying taxes.

In the UK, 60% of Government grants to Universities are destined to "Military Research". The remaining 40% has to cover environmental, education, medical, public transport, agriculture, water and air pollution issues.

No wonder the world is in the messy state we know.