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April 23rd, 2013

"USA Support for Israel", in political/diplomatic language, means more Israeli (and other nationalities) dead. USA only supports herself.
It is NOT "America's War on Islam". It is "Vatican's War on Islam", just as it is "Islam's War on the Vatican". It is Religions - the opium of society - that uses countries, politicians, to wage wars on their behalf.
It is NOT impossible to stop a war if you abolished Armed Forces. They do not exist to make Peace, or, as politicians want us to believe, to defend the country. Weapons are made for frightening, terrorizing populations and killing.

They also happen to make a lot of money for politicians, top military, Banks, etc. All wars start and stop. When one stops, another one starts. Business must continue to produce. I refer tpo wars between countries, be they between 2 countries (even Civil wars) or between many countries. (World Wars)

The only and only war that NEVER stops is the religious war. Not only between two different religions, but within the same religion. You can have plenty of deaths between Christian groups as you can find plenty of Muslims dead without the intervention of a single Christian.

Religion is and will always be the No. cause of conflict. It is the poison of societies.