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April 13th, 2013

Yes, I know. Soldiers are robots, trained to follow orders without asking questions. I have spoken to American and British soldiers who were in Iraq. They couldn't find Iraq on a map. They didn't know why they were in Iraq and why they had to kill so many people.

I spoke with Indian and Pakistani military men training in England, who were always together, good friends. However, when they went back to their respective countries, they had to "play" enemies. So, like robots, they followed orders.

Silly Humanity
It is not "Tale of our ‘democracy’'

It is: "Democracy IS a tale" !!!!!

Thanks to this "magic" word, Democracy, our politicians can organise so many wars in the world, one after the other. Because they (the politicians) sit in a comfortable office but send the "people" to fight, to kill and to die, people are gullible enough to end up believing that going to war was "their" decision, their own "democratic" decision.

Sheer ignorance or stupidity. People go to their death, following Government's marching orders and they call this Democracy !!!!