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March 31st, 2013

Poor Faruk Wasif. He doesn't understand that not only people of different religions sharing - or not - the land, can kill each other, but even people of the same religion. If he was a politician, military or diplomat involved in the Arms Trade or the manufacturer of machine guns, tanks, landmines, bombs, etc, he would be very happy with what's going on.

Dear Mustafa,

Excellent poem (see below), but poor people of America !!!! you attack them unnecessarily. 99% of them are just like you and me, peace and justice loving people. What is aggressive is THE WEAPON, Militarism. If a friend comes to visit you and offers you a cake, you would think he's a good man. If the same man comes pointing a gun at you, you'd thinks he's in a aggressive mood, dangerous, etc.

The gun - like all weapons - changes everything.

Furthermore, if USA disappeared from the map today, NOTHING will change. You'll simply see more British, Russian, Swiss, French, Belgian weapons.

Oh the aggressive American Nation!

************ ********* ********
My prescient vision has made me sure,
You seem zealous to bring your doom;
Your sins have polluted the entire world,
All are the omens for ending your bloom.
Your conceit makes you deaf and blind,
Your name has become the sign of hate;
Invasion and oppression are your traits,
To spill the blood has become your fate.
Chaos, turmoil, carnage, vices and wiles,
All stand as the attributes of your name;
You think : Power has made you great,
Bereft of virtue, it is nothing but shame.
I know in the veil of fight against terror,
You want to spread terror of your make;
Now I see palpable terror on your face,
You may hide it for your honour sake.
Believe me! still it is not too late for you,
To judge the scale of right and wrong;
To drop your arrogant and ignorant view,
To give this harried world a hearty song.
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
Lucknow, India

Dr Bishnu Hari

Dr Bishnu Hari says "...killing more than 1.3 million people and spending more than US $1.3 trillion for the same?" without realizing that 1.3 million "have to die" in order for others to make "U$A 1.3 trillion".

If politicians did not intend killing people, why would they promote weapon manufacturing and trading? why would they give so much money to University Science Departments to help scientists develop faster and more powerful bombs, longer distance reaching missiles, more sophisticated drones, etc?

Not opposing weapon manufacturing and trade and Armed Forces, is the same as promoting war.
If it hadn't been India violating the law, it would have been Pakistan. To the UN it made no difference. What was important was to create trouble between the two countries. This is why the UN was created as soon as World War II ended. To keep the BUSINESS of War going, to use-up what was left from the Big War and make room for the new generation of weapons.

Don't forget the United Nations came into being to replace the League of Nations, who concocted World War II.

Thinking it is a problem India created just for the sake of gaining some extra land, is a mistake