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March 30th, 2013

The Guantanamo Diet

Guantanamo is only one of around 25 USA detention, interrogation and torture Centres in the world. Some are located in various European countries. The type of treatment inmates receive is what those in charge learnt at Military School.

Instead of worrying about a couple of inmates in Guantanamo, we should worry about the thousands of such inmates worldwide, a truth-loving journalist should locate all the Centres in the world, should find out what makes local politicians allow such Centres to be opened in their country.

Perhaps that is what Johina Aamer should do, instead of wasting our time talking about Beyoncé and other singers.
Interesting; very dramatic, very sad and very true. However, Sethi is wrong in thinking ISI is
"supporting the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan". What ISI, like most similar organizations in the world support, is what makes money for them and what gives them power and a feeling of control over what happens in the country and the world.

If Taliban didn't exist, military business and mass control means such an organization, called anything you like, would need to be created. It make look like "Taliban is been supported", but it is not. Taliban has been created and is "being used", to support official national and international military business, or, to give it the correct name, the Arms Trade.
It is not a question of "dramatizing" Sethi's predicament. It is a question of informing what people (we all know there are many like Sethi) go through, when willing to tell a few Government truths the authorities would prefer to see swept under the carpet.
Are you in favour of wars, lies, corruption, murder, etc?If so we'll never agree.
For me, sweeping under the carpet is what caused World War I and II and is causing World War III. Sweeping under the carpet is what caused and causes so much suffering, so much hunger, so much of everything man doesn't like, doesn't want and doesn't need.