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March 29th, 2013

Poor Christian countries

Our perspective of CIA, IMF and World Bank are very different, so we'll never agree here. Your perspective is from the position of someone who lives in the United States and who believes, trusts the official image of these three organizations, as presented by Government and official Media.

My perspective is totally different and it is based "exclusively" on experience and observation. I am witness to the many Argentinean military coups, National strikes, people's revolutions, guerrilla groups, terrorist groups, kidnapping, torturing and ransom extraction, political assassinations, murdered journalists, etc, etc, etc, ALL planned in Washington, masterminded and executed by CIA, with the collaboration of Argentinians on the CIA payroll.

I have seen with my own eyes instruction manuals CIA distributes (with lessons on kidnapping, torture, extortion, home bomb-making, etc) These manuals were originally in English but CIA now has a Spanish version, to simplify things, make sure everything is clearly understood and insure the success of operations.

The number of CIA interventions in Latin America is far too long for me to start listing them here, but you can find several such events in books. One of them I recommend is Rogue State, by William Blum, who was with CIA for a good number of years.

CIA (and other USA secret agencies) operates worldwide and writing now on their interventions in Burma, Israel/Palestine, India/Pakistan, Middle Eastern and African countries, would take me a whole week. The film "The Merchant Gardener" gives you a glimpse of what diplomats (and in many cases CIA, MI6 agents posing as diplomats) do, when posted in those parts of the world.

World Bank and IMF: having lived for nearly 7 years in Geneva, where the European headquarters of the infamous UN (United Nations) is based, I know how wars are concocted and signed between UN member countries. I saw the negotiations for the 27 year long Civil War in Angola, a multi-billion dollar business for USA, UK and other countries, for which millions of Angolans had to die and many of the survivors died because of lack of food.

This is because World Bank and IMF ( and many Banks) gave loans for them to buy military toys from us. Monsanto and many other American and European companies use African slaves (I call them slaves because what we pay them is an insult, not a wage or salary), to grow vegetables and fruits. Then, instead of letting Africans eat, we take the produce away from them, for Europeans and Americans to enjoy good - and cheap - fruits and vegetables.

You write on subject "Poor Christian countries". My question is: Christian or non-Christian, how come so many poor countries have money to pay for Armed Forces and stage wars? The simple answer: "because this is what rich countries give them money for".

To finish, I'll give you just one example of many similar situations I witnessed in Switzerland. The UN of a poor country asks in Assembly for a loan of 100 million dollars, for his Government to build 5 Hospitals, 10 schools, 300 miles of roads, housing for the homeless poor, transform polluted waters into purified drinking water, etc.

The next day at least 10 Ambassadors from wealthy (and weapon manufacturing) countries come up with the money, on one condition: officially, the Media will be told the loan is for the construction of the above mentioned buildings and the purification of water. However, the real arrangement (between us) is: your country can have the 100 million dollars, but....... 75 million must be spent on "our" weapons. If you agree, we give you 3 million (in the diplomats pocket) and the remaining 22 million can be used for the purposes you mentioned.

So, very little is done for the benefit of the population and the country has increased her external debt by 100 million dollars plus interests.

A vicious circle.