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March 20th, 2013

This hypocrisy or idiocy really drives me mad. Even Israelis know USA Governments (I don't say Presidents, because they are just the spokesperson for their Government) have done NOTHING to "bring peace to the Holy Lands". On the contrary, if they did that, they will all be betraying American interests. It is silly humanity that forces politicians to lie to them. Citizens want their Governments to make money. So, that's exactly what Washington does (at least in appearances). Their main export business being weapons, (a great variety) bombs, (also a great variety) air-fighters, tanks, etc, etc, they have to make sure countries fight.

If things are getting calm, they'll fix another few rockets coming from the Palestine side or a sad young man ready to depart to the other world with a bomb around his waist and that's it. Israel and Palestine (or Lebanon) can have another Game of War and American (and other military factories can rejoice and look forward to new orders.
Why should the peaceful sparrow come back to our tanks, guns and drones?
Remove these utterly abject, unnecessary and useless items from earth, and not only your sparrow but all sparrows will come back, forever.

Compose poems to the manufacturers of tanks, guns and drones telling them you don't mind them being rich, but becoming rich at the expense of millions of human lives lost and thousands of buildings destroyed, is WRONG and IMMORAL.
Husain Haqqani writes: ":...... U.S. aid sent to the new country....."...."In the 1980s, Washington funneled arms and money to the mujahideen across the border....." "quadrupled its aid to Pakistan."

Mr Haqqani has enormous fantasy and imagination. USA "DOES NOT HELP" any country. USA's politicians work for America and must produce business for American citizens. They must produce clients for American manufacturers of tanks, bullets, guns, bombs, mortars, air-fighters, etc, etc.

How can they fulfill their obligations if they don't arrange wars in the world? and....if America one year gives less or nothing at all to Pakistan, it does not mean USA is not interested in Pakistan. It only means USA is trying to get Pakistan annoyed, USA is trying to create jealousy and tension between Pakistan and India.

The writer says: "Pakistanis tend to think of the United States as a bully."....that's the truth. American themselves know they are bullies. (I refer to Government)

"in their view, Washington provides desperately needed aid intermittently," this is also true, as aid is only provided when it benefits USA, never if this condition is not met.

"...... yanking it away whenever U.S. officials want to force policy changes.", writes Mr Haqqani. However, America giving money to Pakistan has nothing to do with policy changes. It is all to do with the business of war.

"Pakistanis believe that Washington has never been grateful for the sacrifice of the thousands of Pakistani military and security officials who have died fighting terrorists in recent decades, nor mourned the tens of thousands of Pakistani civilians whom those terrorists have killed."
How can Washington be grateful? at least publicly? On the contrary, the reasons for being grateful must be concealed. Obama could reach for the microphone and shout to the people of Pakistan "thank you for making it possible for our superb military industry to do so well"!!!
We, the White House and Pentagon are extremely grateful to the Pakistani Government for allowing America to have many Pakistani dead, to satisfy American commercial interests".

Or, in more recent years, Washington could never thank Pakistan in public "for allowing us to kill many Pakistanis in order to test and improve our lovely drones"

The diplomatic way of "thanking" for all this massive slaughter of Pakistanis is, for instance, allowing Musharraf to live in a beautiful house in London, giving a Pakistani delegation a year of 5-star luxury holiday as members of the UN Security Council.

I hope I'm clear enough!!!