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March 9th, 2013


The problems are there BECAUSE of the Security Council, my friend!!!! don't forget its "permanent" member states, are among the most bellicose in the world. The No.1 controller of what I call the "UN Insecurity Council", is USA, the only country in history to have exploded atomic bombs killing a quarter million people and leaving millions wounded or deformed in minutes.

These criminals invite other countries for one year membership of the Council, as long as these countries "cooperate" and allow their deadly military plans to be carried out. The list of examples is too long to start writing them now. But Pakistan, was invited for this year, as a thank you gesture to Pakistan for allowing USA drones to kill Pakistani and for allowing weapons to reach the Taliban/Al Qaeda through Pakistani roads.

You say: "UN SECURITY COUNCIL MUST INTERVENE", but the reality is: "UN SECURITY COUNCIL HAS ALREADY INTERVENE, IS INTERVENING AND WILL ALWAYS INTERVENE". They are so fond of "military action" (they make so much money out of it) they even created their own Armed Forces.
Saudis couldn't care less about terrorism. What happens is the idiotic Arab Spring will come to a close and they still have so much artillery from the 40 "billion" dollars contract they signed with the US, they must get rid (sell) much of that, to whoever is prepared to buy.

In the Arms Trade, ideology DOES "NOT" EXIST. Only MONEY counts. Saudis are matching Britain's offer, because USA cannot not accept India will but so much British produce and they impose USA produce via Saudi Arabia.
You are NOT obeying Allah. You are obeying some human traditions, which have nothing to do with Allah. The tradition is older than Islam, as you can tell from nuns in the Catholic Church, who also for centuries covered themselves completely, body and head. The heads are still covered, although in modern times, many nuns have adapted to our times, instead of living in the remote past and use shorter dresses. Of course with long socks, so that no part of their legs is seen.

Those who believe in God, know that He made us totally naked, both men and women. That's how He intended us to be. Before any material for dressing was invented, people covered themselves with animal skin, but only to be protected from the cold, nothing to do with orders or instructions from another world.

Instructions that have meant millions of women leading a life that can only be called HELL. And men should be ashamed to impose this cruelty upon women.

The reason usually given is women's beauty is so enticing that men are unable to control themselves if they see an uncovered female. However, this cannot be right because women do not have to cover themselves in front of those males to whom they are related.

Anyway, not all women are beautiful or sexy. Perhaps only these ought to cover themselves, unless they wish to be looked at and admired by men. Furthermore, there are attractive men, who by showing of their beauty, their muscles, etc, can very easily arouse women.

Why is this allowed? funny humankind !!!
I have not read so much human stupidity (perhaps I should call it "inhuman" and "inhumane" stupidity). Writers here seem to be interested in "who" leads the inter-human massacre, whether US kills more, has better technology for attacking and killing or another country has this privilege. The writers explain very clearly why I speak of and my book is called "The Game of War". The postings talk about war and countries, domination, etc, as if describing a sports tournament, where sometimes pone team or country leads, sometines it is another team or country's turn.

"Killing without passion", that is if the killer kills forced by his Government or he's being paid to kill. However, much of the killing is fueled by Religion, so it is "killing WITH passion". (stupid humankind).

As for "war without valour", this is not true. Men - and today women as well - are VERY courageous, their valour limitless. This is how I describe people who are willing to kill, to offer their lives, leaving behind mourning families and friends. All this just for the sake of a few military leaders and politicians to become celebrated and rich and for the military industry to flourish.

Plain human stupidity.
The end of the first sentence "..... when one of the Christians was accused of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), explains WHY men become animals in the name of religion. I refer to the "pbuh".

A) if you are truly believer and think that Prophet Muhammad was a righteous
man, you would know that Peace "IS" Upon Him.
B) if you are "truly" religious, you should thrive for people (all people) to live in
PEACE whilst on earth.

To me, these attacks of "people on people", transforms humans into animals.