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February 18th, 2013

Meena Haseeb obviously believes politicians speak the Truth. We read of the "peace talks" with the Taliban. Not only these are inexistent, but there are no Peace talks with anybody. Politicians only meet to negotiate "business"; and business for politicians is never Peace. It is War, nothing else.

If politicians were interested in Peace, why would they be spending so much in military research, why do they promote weapon manufacturing and trading? why are Presidential trips abroad accompanied by Trade Ministers, Trade delegations that include a lot of weapon manufacturers?

Britain has one consideration only in the situation described in this article: which country, Pakistan or India, can produce more money for the British military industry, in relation to Afghanistan? in other words: which country can better help UK stay longer in Afghanistan?

Here is the crux of the matter.
Religion should not influence politics and business in such manner. The siege of the Vatican is Rome, yet millions of Italians - Presidents and Prime Ministers included - are atheists. Britain is primarily a Protestant country, yet they've already had in the 19th century, a Jewish Prime Minister, Disraeli.

Israelis and Palestinians could all live forever in Peace and harmony, if politicians would have the intelligence to declare the area "a country for human beings, regardless of what they choose to believe".