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February 6th, 2013

With all my admiration for Noam Chomsky, I sometimes disagree with him and this is one of the instances. I know why Chomsky says "US control is diminishing, however, to me, this is more wishful thinking than reality.

The US have increased, first under warmonger Bush and now under warmonger Obama, the number of USA military bases and detention/torture centres in the world.

However, US is not really interested in controlling or owning the world. They are only concerned with making money for politicians but especially for their "sponsors". (Banks, military industry, Refugee industry, oil industry, American spying agencies, security agencies, building companies, etc).

In order to secure this American "business" they have no option than to have influence on other countries. This is why they spend so much money, time and energy in arranging commercial deals with politicians, diplomats, the military and businessmen (and women) the world over.