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February 2nd, 2013

It is time to speak up, Mr Musharraf!

Nassim Hasan writes something very strange to me "Billions of dollar spent," but he never mentions the billions "made", which is the reason No.1 for invading Iraq in the first place.
It is estimated that Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, made around 22 million out of collaborating with Bush's Government.

I spoke with an author who wrote a play about the horrors of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. When I mentioned to him how terrible what had happened and was still happening, so well portrayed in his play and how that human catastrophe - as well as the destroyed cities - could and should have been avoided, this young man said: "what? if it hadn't happened, I wouldn't be able to write novels and plays now". Adding "I spent 2 years in Iraq with an American Security Company; made so much money that I will not need to worry about work for many years".

Bankers involved in the financing of the war have bought themselves new and expensive cars, private airplanes, etc.

Hasan, you say "thousands killed....", this is great news for the manufacturers of bullets, bombs and torture kits. Also for the makers of air-fighters, tanks, etc, etc. The more people die, these Merchants of Death earn.

You say ",,,,,but no one has been convicted". How could the creators of this money-making operation accuse themselves, convict themselves?

If you are really, genuinely interested in Justice, campaign against a militarized world. If you don't, you are the passive accomplice of all those you criticize.
Nothing to do with "ethnic cleansing" both Jews and Muslims are semites.

There are also many Arab Jews. The only people interested in the "cleansing" are those who make a living out of it, be they Jewish, Muslim or Christian.