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January 26th, 2013

Precisely !!!! you said it "RECOGNIZED AROUND THE WORLD INCLUDING THE UN" this is exactly what they CREATED and what they WANT. It was all arranged, like other territorial disputes, to create what UN needs to survive. If countries around the world did not dispute territories and lived in Peace all together, respecting each other, the UN would need to close their doors and the flamboyant life and handsome salaries for many will be finished.

Nothing makes UN happier than countries fighting. Nothing makes the UN High Commission for Refugees happier than displaced citizens. Nothing makes the UN High Commission for Human Rights happier than to witness Human Rights abuses.
This is the "key" statement in the article. "Belmokhtar’s organization has been involved in the drug trade...". This means the answer to the question "Who is Behind the Terrorists?" is: USA, UK, France, and all countries interested in drugs (big business for Governments). These countries want drugs as they want petrol and gold. The bartering of these commodities against weapons is common practice. Remember when Ronald Reagan was involved in the "Contras" (Nicaragua) scandal?

In reality, weapon manufacturing countries say to oil and drug providing countries or military groups: "as long as you're prepared to organize invasions, occupations, wars, kidnappings, etc, using the weapons we provide you, trying out our new weapons, etc, we'll accept oil, drugs or gold as part payment for the weapons".

If weapons didn't exist, politicians would need to trade drugs and oils for trains, cars, furniture, shoes, food, etc. They would still make money and all these nonsense, inhuman and inhumane activities would cease. Our planet would then be saved and will become the promised Paradise.