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January 17th, 2013

Who wrote these absurd and poisonous words? "Horny Bloody Indians: The country Needs to be in Lockup"? To use the tragedy of a little girl to attack a country, the writer must have a really sick mind, full of hatred and prejudice.

Rape of children occurs in the whole world and in many countries far more frequently than in India.
Of course NOT !!!!! no country in the world is Democratic.

Your article claims Pakistan "is a key ally in war against terrorism" This is absurd. Terrorism is business. Terrorists exist because "Democracies" prepare the ground for them to flourish. Democratic countries train terrorists. Bush Senior and his accomplices financed the training of the Taliban. All manuals teaching home-bomb making hare in English, published either in England or USA. "Democratic" countries, through their special agents, make sure the manuals reach the intended future terrorists. You can wipe out the Taliban/al Qaeda from the map and in no time "Democracy" will create new terrorist groups. The last thing USA and the whole of NATO want is an end to terrorism, but they have to claim the opposite, in order to keep the military industry flourishing.

The article's statement that Pakistan "lost 45,000 thousands military and civilian lives since 2001." makes the USA so happy !!!!! not because of the deaths, but of the millions of dollars made by military companies, manufacturing machine guns, landmines, bombs, mortars, tanks, air-fighters, drones, etc, etc. "Fighting Terrorism" means big business.

This innocent article claims ".....in war against terrorism USA and NATO forces have announced withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of 2014". For the last ten years USA/NATO say "next year we'll withdraw our Forces". However, they provide - sell - armaments to the terrorists, so they continue to create havoc and violence. The right excuse to continue "fighting terrorism".

The writer claims Pakistan is ".......run by the dictatorship of few families who have full hold on the resources of the country." The writer would understand why it is like this if he really studied the many Dictatorships in the world, USA included. I just name foiur USA families with a "full hold on American resouces": Rockefeller, Kennedy, Clinton, Bush. There are a few more.