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January 10th, 2013

Wrong title again !!!!! why NEW tensions???? Tension between India and Pakistan has existed for many decades and has never stopped, following the path ordered by the international policymakers. Your tensions, accepted by both countries, have handsomely assisted scientists in the development of sophisticated weaponry, as well as the world of nuclearism.

Shame how both countries allow themselves to be manipulated and not only by foreign powers, but also by Religion
All religions divide people. This is how and why religions are in fact born. When a man wants to start a new religion, he looks for followers, needs followers. Basically he'll tell people "follow me, don't follow him". Thus, a society with one religion, now has two religions. First division occurred. One day, someone in the new group want all attention on him, so he creates a new division. And so on and on...ad infinitum....

A Return is Requested..... You'll see why.

I don't see why I should return this story.

It is, simply, depressing. Doing to the two men what the lady in the story does is to wish the two men to be poor, needy and hungry all their lives. There are hundreds of better ways to show compassion and to help people, even the mentally challenged, into coming out of their suffering condition and transforming their lives forever.

Furthermore, for those who believe in God, it proves God does NOT visit many people. The lady says everybody in the queue, including her husband and son, went away from the two men, but she, "a messenger of God" staid there and fed them. Not very good publicity for God. Only one good, compassionate person among a crowd.

Furthermore, God, with his "mighty" power, could have instead helped the poor man find a good job and the necessary money to eat, pay for a home, etc. God could have made the mentally handicapped man become a normal being.

Silly story.

There is a wise Buddhist saying: when you see a hungry man, don't give him a fish; teach him how to fish. The fish will be eaten and the man will be hungry again. If he knows how to fish, he'll never again be hungry.
In many countries, CIA pays, when they wish to promote a cause that will be beneficial to the US. You'll know better than me if this is the case or not.