‘Extremely dangerous’ radioactive material stolen in Mexico: IAEA

What a comedy !!!!

"Thieves in Mexico have stolen a truck containing potentially "extremely dangerous" radioactive material used in medical treatment, the UN atomic watchdog said Wednesday."
They must be very educated thieves, with a good knowledge of Radioactivity.

"At the time the truck was stolen, the source was properly shielded. However, the source could be extremely dangerous to a person if removed from the shielding, or if it was damaged"
The "person" knows very well what to do. He's only following orders.

The IAEA said it was informed about the theft by Mexico’s CNSNS nuclear security authority.
....the nuclear "insecurity" authority would be a more appropriate name.

"The Mexican authorities are currently conducting a search for the source and have issued a press release to alert the public,"
The necessary steps to keep the population scared and have a good reason to increase help to the military and the Police, secret services, etc.

Such a "radiological dispersal device" or RDD would be hugely less lethal than an atomic bomb but is much easier to make and could still cause mass panic.
Exactly as I said: "cause mass panic".

"Experts have long warned about the danger posed by the large amounts of such material held in hospitals, university campuses and factories around the world under often insufficient security."
However, those "experts" do NOTHING in order to reduce danger.

Last year alone, the IAEA recorded 17 cases of illegal possession and attempts to sell nuclear materials and 24 incidents of theft or loss. It says this is the "tip of the iceberg".
Yes, like with drugs and weapons, they arrest private dealers, but Governments making fortunes selling nuclear materials, that's legal and OK. This gives them later also the "legal" tight to accuse countries, attack them, invade them and occupy them.

Many cases have involved former parts of the Soviet Union, such as Chechnya, Georgia and Moldova -- where in 2011 several people were arrested trying to sell weapons-grade uranium -- but not only.
Why don't they mention the arrest cases in USA? again, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, arrests made when those selling weapons-grade uranium are doing it for private and not Government's gain.

Britain to tackle 'Islamist extremism' after soldier's murder

This news, in political language, mean: Cameron's Government will be concocting new terrorist acts, so that they can keep "improving" anti-terrorist strategies and techniques. "Improvement" to them means: developing, manufacturing, buying and selling new weapons and all kind of gadgets, from miniatures spying lenses and microphones to drones, torture instruments, etc.

The Police and Armed Forces happy with their new toys, manufacturers and traders happy with the money earned and in 10 years time, politicians will be saying the same: "we must tackle terrorism"

Newspaper accuses Cameron, on trade trip, of meddling in China's affairs

Well, journalists are paid to write any rubbish that comes to their mind, as long as they write negative things about people whose reputation they wish to tarnish, destroy even and write wonderful things about any idiot or criminal his bosses want to promote.

As John Swinton, former New York Times Editor-in-Chief said: "we journalists, are intellectual prostitutes"

Those who are ordained to set an example by living a simple life, live in utmost luxury.

This "... However, in modern time, wealth has become weightier than spirituality and morals...." is not true and shows a lack of knowledge of Religions and those who run or administer them.

The big and luxurious mosques, churches, cathedrals, synagogues, hindu temples, etc and the Palaces where Religious leaders live, which have been with us for hundreds of years, clearly show that WEALTH has always been weightier than spirituality.

The same you will see if you inspect the Bank accounts of all main religions, and WELL before our modern Internet times.

Drones used to try to smuggle contraband into jail

Military aircraft has ALWAYS been used to transport drugs. In fact this is what made Bill Clinton's political career. When he was Governor of Arkansas, he allowed the Mena military air-strip to be used by US Air Force carriers flying in from USA military bases in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, loaded with drug. The best and safest way of getting the drug into CIA hands for distribution all over the United States and exports to Europe. Many military arsenals in the 4 mentioned countries - as in many others - are paid for with drugs. (some of you may remember the late USA President Ronald Reagan's involvement in such practices, in Nicaragua and other Central American states)

Every now and then, the authorities arrest a private smuggler, because he is "competition" and because it looks good, as a Public Relations exercise, that the gullible population sees Government officials "fighting" drug abuse. What a comedy!

When Clinton was Governor and dreamed of becoming the next US President, he knew what to do. In fact, his accomplices in the White House (officially political opponents), Reagan and Bush senior, thanked Clinton wholeheartedly, by ensuring he fulfils his dream of becoming USA President.

The drug produced in Afghanistan (95% of the opium consumed in the world) is also transported in military carriers. Lorries, helicopters, airplanes, etc.We must not forget that USA position with regards to drugs, is that soldiers are better fighters under their influence (theoretically, because they lose their fears and their brain is "sharpened") so, they'll do everything they can to have them drugged. At the same time, they make a very good return on their investment.

In the UK, it is the same parody. Every so often, Customs Police will find a confiscate some drugs being smuggled by private individuals. All newspapers will applaud Government for their preoccupation with people's health. However, we regularly read in the news how drug consumption steadily increases. Basically, the drug confiscated from rival, private transporters, reaches the population through well disguised official channels.

If drones and other military aircraft were "only" used for the transport and delivery of much needed medicines, cigarettes, pizza and books, that would be wonderful !!!!!

Afghanistan considers reintroduction of public stoning for adulterers

Westerners don't need anything for "provocation". In fact these type of decisions are taken in agreement with the West. What matters is to provoke the world, West, East, North and South and for modern countries, West, East, North and South to be shocked at backward Afghanistan. It is a good way of keeping the Arms Trade going and the Afghani producing opium for the word.

Pakistan's New Generation of Terrorists

Only the introduction shows a lot of prejudice and, above all, a determination to ignore the power of money, the BUSINESS of Politics.

"Pakistani authorities have long had ties to domestic militant groups that help advance the country's core foreign policy interests, namely in connection with Afghanistan and India. Since Islamabad joined Washington as an ally in the post-9/11 "war on terror," analysts have accused Pakistan's security and intelligence services of playing a "double game," tolerating if not outright aiding militant groups killing NATO troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies these charges."

a) it is not only Pakistani authorities. Governments in ALL countries have ties with militant groups.
b) "advancing foreign policy interests" is NOT their aim. They are only
concerned with their personal fortunes, with avoiding their political careers
being cut short, with international prestige.
c) Islamabad NEVER joined Washington as an ally. This is only for the gallery;
the business ($$$$$$) discussed between USA and Pakistan's negotiators
was conducted in strict privacy.
d) there is no "war on terror". This is also for the gallery, with the usual
complicity from the corporate Media. The real war is the "war on Peace".
Politicians make every possible effort to prevent populations from living in
f) Pakistan's security and intelligence services play the same "double game"
ALL secret services play, worldwide.
g) ALL Governments of the world deny charges of corruption and double

UN Approached ?????????????

UN Approached ????????????? What for???? they have been committing this type of atrocities for 65 years and the worlds applauds them. By supporting the UN, people all they are saying is "more atrocities, please!!!"

UN is the union (partnership) of the most bellicose, warmongering countries in the world, with USA as the No.1 member of their permanent Security Council (which I call "Insecurity Council"), a country rewarded with such distinguished position and power for being the only country in the history of our planet who used atomic bombs.

PML-N:A defeatist argument: Do you want war with US?

Has Ahmad Noorani been sleeping for a number of years and just woke up? he writes: "..... the PML-N government appears to have lost its direction and rationale and has indirectly started defending drone strikes." I've been writing for years about Pakistan's "influential" politicians approving drone strikes in Pakistan. By "approving" I always meant "defending" - secretly - drone strikes. I wrote umpteen times: "this is the way for Pakistan to pay for the privilege of two years Presidency of the UN Security Council. For a number of Pakistani politicians and diplomats (and their aides) this meant two years of living abroad, in great glamour and luxury - enriching their Bank accounts in the process.

Isolated Israel, angry with US, denounces Iran deal

Israel is not angry in the least. On the contrary, both Israel and France are VERY HAPPY with the US-Iran deal. It means they can now sell millions in weapons and military vehicles to Saudi Arabia. Netanyahu speaks to the Press, that is, to the gallery, to the masses, who know and understand nothing of what really goes on between politicians.

Of course US and Iran also speak - via the Media - to the ignorant masses, thanks to journalists who repeat like parrots what they are told. If what goes on in political meeting was the same as what is reported, ALL these meetings would be public.